Custom Dive Lockers/Rooms for Yachts


Brownie's Yacht Toys offers custom dive Tankfill Systems for yachts.

Whether you need a dive locker or an entire dive room, Brownie's will design with auto-cad a complete Tankfill System. Brownie's Tankfill Systems can come with patented Nitrox and other mixed gas installations as well as compressor filling tank systems or both! Contact Us with your questions.

Brownie's Custom Dive Room Installation
Brownies Custom Dive Room Installation

Custom Tankfill Gear Layout

Brownie's offers ready-made systems with their Yacht-Pro™ 25/35, 45, 55/75 and 135 systems to service your dive locker. Brownie's installs their systems to fit your yacht perfectly. Brownie's relies on Bauer Compressors well-known for reliability and meeting the demands of dive tankfills. Contact Us with your questions.

Yacht-Pro™ 25 Custom Shelf Installation
Yacht Pro 25 Custom Shelf Installation

Yacht-Pro™ 135 System Installation
Yacht-Pro 135 System Installation

LW Dive Compressors 100 Series
LW 100 Dive Compressors

Brownie's also offers LW Compressors made in Germany with fine craftsmanship found in our other dive compressors.