Stand Up Paddle Boards


SUP's from Red Paddle Co and Pana Hau offer something for all new and experienced Stand Up Paddle boarders.
The Red Paddle Co is a rugged inflatable SUP that can do anything in an easy to carry and stow portable packages.
Pau Hana offers great boards for all the fun things to do with SUP's; lakes, streams and getting wild on ocean waves.

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Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUP's

How Tough is a Red Paddle Board? Watch and See!

SUP Red Paddle Boards Brownie's Yacht Toys is proud to represent inflatable SUP's from Red Paddle Co. These tough and light weight SUP offers an easy to travel and stowed SUP for people, boats, cars, and yachts alike. Red Paddle Co SUP's offer a no compromise board for performance, looks and long lasting quality.

Brownie's Yacht Toys offers these ultra-portable inflatable SUP's which come well equipped for instant use:

- Dual action piston hand pump

-Backpack/Rolling stowage bag

•Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board
•High Pressure Machine Stitch Construction
•Completely Rigid Board
•Fins Designed For Great Tracking and Long Life
•Padded Traction Pad
•Carry Bag and High Pressure Pump Included SUP Red Paddle Multi Person Boards

Red Paddle Co has specialized boards for all below:
  • SURF
  • RACE
  • YOGA
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Red Paddle Co Sup's

Pau Hanna SUP's

Pau Hana Oahu SUP Boards- SUP's
Pau Hana Oahu SUP Boards

Oahu Series
The Oahu nose rider series combines art and function into a single board. It features a spooned-out nose, wide tail, and full rails making it an excellent all-around board for fun in the ocean, river, or lake. This board can be configured with single, thruster and quad setup, giving flexibility to match the board set-up to the conditions of the day.
  • Great all-around board for paddle surfing, flatwater, or anywhere in between
  • Customize fin setup to match water conditions
  • Beautiful to display
  • Deck pad designed to drain; has a soft grip and secure traction
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Malibu SUP Package
Malibu SUP Package

10'6" Malibu SUP Package
The new 10'6" Malibu in VFT is a durable entry level board for those who want a good value. VFT is Pau Hana's Vacuum Formed Technology and consist of ABS sandwiched around an EPS core. It's a great choice for the budget minded buyer looking for a first time board.
  • Extremely Durable
  • SeaMount System provides attachment points for various accessories including paddle clips & phone holders
  • Vacuum Formed Technology makes the board incredibly durable
Big EZ Air
Big EZ Air Board

The Big EZ Air is an inflatable SUP that takes the stability of the Big EZ Hawaiian and puts it in an extremely durable and portable package. This high PSI inflatable stays rigid and rides well in whitewater inland lakes, and the ocean. The Big EZ Air is an excellent choice for the world traveler as it fits easily in the trunk of a car and can be checked as luggage. Comes with bag, pump, and three piece paddle. This is the best option if you want to travel often with your SUP.
  • Best Portability; all items fit into the included backpack
  • Easy to store
  • Checks in as luggage on an airplane
  • Three piece paddle included and fits with board in the SUP bag
Big EZ
Big EZ Board

The Big EZ is designed for absolute stability for riders big and small in all types of water. The Big EZ is tough and durable and remains stable in all types of water conditions, which results in a positive experience from the first ride to the last. Because the board is so versatile, ocean paddling, surfing, river running, cruising, yoga, and fishing, there is always a reason to keep it around. It can be ridden single or tandem, with a pet or child, in the ocean, lake, river, bay, or marina.
  • Stable for riders big and small
  • Easy to navigate and maneuver in any type of water
  • Tough and durable to last through the years
  • A great board for both beginners and experienced riders
  • Brushed deck pad for a comfortable grip
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