Charter Yacht Toys Outfitting


We have all heard "The one with the most toys wins". That goes for charter and private yachts too when keeping charter and private yacht guests happy.

Please see below a list of water toys Brownie's Yacht Toys offers for more fun on charter. Contact Us for outfitting your charter boat for more fun.
Charter Yacht Outfitting Toys
  • Dive Gear & Snorkel Gear
    Get Dive Gear, training, and service from Brownie's Yacht Toys for your charter boat.
    Dive Gear & Snorkel Gear info

  • Brownie's Third Lung & NEMO
    Dive without tanks with up to three divers for one unit with Brownie's Third Lung. NEMO offers EZ backpack personal hookah diving.
    Brownie's Third Lung info
    NOMAD & NOMAD MINI Hookah Diving System

  • Floats
    Brownies has inflatable yacht floats for launching water toys and pool floats for water fun.
    Inflatable Yacht Floats
    Pool Floats

  • Kayaks, Banana Boats, Trampolines, etc.
    Brownie's Yacht Toys has all the water toys you need to keep guests entertained safely.
    Water Toys

  • Scooters
    Brownie's Yacht Toys has Yamaha Seascooters and Seawing II for diving. Check out Seabob for on and under the water scooter action.
    Yamaha Seascooters
    Seawing II

  • SUP's
    Brownie's Yacht Toys has all the SUP's you want for this ever popular water toys.

  • R.O.V.'s
    Brownie's Yacht Toys offers Deep Trekker ROV's for reliability in remote and dive operated ROV use.

  • Submarines
    Brownie's Yacht Toys has the ultimate water toy: Luxury Submarines.

  • Water Slides
    Fun for everyone, yacht water slides are a great addition for any charter boat.
    Yacht Water Slides

Contact Us for outfitting your charter boat for more fun on the water.