Seabobs & Dive Scooters

Seabob & Dive Scooters

Make Diving go farther and longer

Brownie's Yacht Toys has three different dive scooters for rent for more faster fun in the water. Brownie's dive scooters are great for diving or snorkeling, too. Go farther and faster when diving with a DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle). Contact Us for more information.

Seabob F5 S Scooter On or Below the Water!

Rent a Seabob Scooter for fun on or below the water. These outrageously fast scooters made in Germany scream through the water.
Seabob Rental Prices and Scheduling

Yamaha Seascooters
Rent Brownie's Yamaha Seascooters

Rent the all new Yamaha Seascooters dive scooters from Brownie's Yacht Toys. Dive longer and go farther with these high powered and slippery fast scooters.

Brownies Suex Dive Scooters
Suex Dive Scooters from Brownie's Yacht Toys

Brownie's Yacht Toys has Suex Dive Scooters that are quality made in Italy for recreational and technical diving.

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Seabob Scooters in Action
Seabob Scooters in Action